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December 1, 2023 thru September 30, 2024


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My Passion is to empower you with ...

FREE Book Writing and Publishing Guide
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Want my easy-peasy 5P System Guide on How to Write and Publish Your Book and become a scribe-author? Just tell me where to send it and it's yours!

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Shalom. Hello. My name is Donna Hall, and I am a prophetic mid-wife, a scribe book coach, and a mentor. I am here to assist you in your journey of birthing your book from idea to publication. I have a passion for helping aspiring writers bring their words to life and share their message with the world. Using my Bible-based 5P Expert System, I am able to guide my clients through the writing and publishing process with ease. With my support and guidance, you will find writing a book to be simple, sweet, and oh so satisfying! Are you ready to get started? I am too...but first please read on and discover more about who I am...

Prophetic Mid-wife

Pregnant Belly

Scribe Book Coach

As a prophetic scribe anointed by God to write, I have been trained by the Father's voice within me to give voice to His vision revealed to me by writing  what I see. I am passionate about helping aspiring writers find their voice in the Father's voice and then write their voice through the scribe unction of the Holy Spirit.  At The Moment of Birth Book Coaching, I offer personalized coaching to help you bring your story to life through the unction of the Holy Ghost within you. My coaching approach is rooted in the Bible, which means that I provide not only practical guidance, but also spiritual and emotional support to help you navigate the writing process. The Holy Ghost guides us into all truth, so who better to guide us as we embark on the journey of scribbling the truth within us. My goal is to birth seasoned surrendered writers into scribe-authors and not just authors. If you are ready to embark on your writing journey, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Let's get started!

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To me, writing and publishing a book is like giving birth to a baby. There are many stages in the process and with each stage comes different challenges and triumphs. As an experienced prophetic mid-wife of over 38 years, I am here to help you manage those challenges and convert them into triumphs! Like a midwife, I  assist with pain management when birthing from the invisible to the visible, and from the spirit realm into the natural realm. I provide personalized care during the book birthing process to ensure that your book is born in the best possible condition.

Gym Coach


As a full-time wife, Grammy, pastor, shepherdess, and minister with over 40 years experience, I have a heart for helping women and girls grow into their best selves by the renewing power of the Holy Spirit.  I strive to empower aspiring women writers to publish their story to the world through a book. Writing a book is a spiritual  journey of personal growth and discovery, and my mentoring is designed to guide you every step of the way. Like Jesus Christ, I only mentor in intimate Circles of 12 and 3. Through my private and group sessions, I offer transformative practical spiritual guidance and support to help you voice your innermost thoughts and emotions in ink.  I’m excited to partner with you to bring your story to life. My dedication and experience will guide you to a finished product that exceeds your expectations.  RSVP and lets' Get Started today!

MEET A FEW OF THE M.O.B. (Moment of Birth) SCRIBES 

Megan Gleason
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Cassandra Ward
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Candace Hall
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Yvonne Miller
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Jonathan Hall Jr
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Lashawnda Williams
Margaret Alexander


"Committed to Birthing Your Book to Life"
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Special Holiday Offer



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