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Achieving a Fulfilling Marriage with U Grō Marriage Bootcamp IS POSSIBLE!

U Grō Marriage (UGM) Bootcamp is committed to helping individuals build a satisfying marriage in accordance with God's plan. It provides a holistic, personal approach to building a fulfilling marriage founded on the biblical principles of self-awareness, love and respect, shared vision, and commitment.

The Biblically based program focuses on the "I," "Do," and "Will" aspects of the marriage relationship.

U Grō Marriage Founders and Lead Mentors, Apostle Jon & Prophetess Donna Hall have been married for 36 years! They are full time pastors, Certified Mental Health & Life Coaches, and Certified SYMBIS Assessment Marriage Facilitators. They have ministered to and served couples in pre-marital guidance counseling, marriage enrichment, and life after marriage for over 35 years! 

UGM Marriage Bootcamp participants will acquire the necessary tools for a successful union, including

  • understanding oneself

  • developing a strong foundation of love and respect  

  • committing to a shared vision for the future


Apostle Jon & Prophetess Donna Hall, are dedicated to helping couples overcome challenges and build a strong and lasting bond. 

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The Boldens, USA

Pastors Jonathan and Donna Hall are always sharing the word of God with us. Teaching us and helping us by studying and living God's word, the Bible. They are an inspiration to our marriage and have always been by being an example of what a Christ like marriage is supposed to be. We are so thankful and blessed to walk in ministry
         with them.      

Sparo Delvin, UK

By divine connection I came to know these great anointed servants of the Most High and from day one they have contributed immensely into my life and ministry.
I will use this opportunity to let you know about the fact that you've been great mentors to me especially  and largely the body of Christ in relation to your marital status. There is no place where one will be found and the other hidden. No, not even once. The love you share among you as couple is so much to be emulated. Haven't seen a couple especially pastors who are so deep in each other like you. In days and generation like this where faithful couples are found but few, you can be counted among the few respectful ones that are anointed serving as mentors.


The Ellingtons, USA

Pastors Jonathan and Donna Hall have been such a blessing to our lives. We really got to see marriage God's way when we took our premarital guidance sessions. It really prepared us for marriage and helped us understand what God intended. Their ministry has ALWAYS been impactful to us! We are overwhelmingly thankful that our lives have crossed paths..
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