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“Shall I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the Lord. “Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” says your God. Isaiah 66:9

11 Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. 12 Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ.
Ephesians 4:11-12



"your prophetic midwife for such a time as this"

Shalom. Hello. Welcome to The Moment of Birth: Heaven's Delivery Suite on Earth! The Spirit of the Lord has led you here because it's your time to "break forth and deliver!" I have been divinely appointed, anointed, called, chosen, and equipped to serve as your prophetic midwife to help you deliver! I help you "get outside of you what the Lord has put inside of you." Is it a book? Ministry? Business? Marriage?  Maybe you don't know what's inside of you. But no worries. Through my prophetic life coaching services, I use biblical principles and spiritual guidance to help you find your 1divine path of life so that you can discover, develop, deliver, and do what the Lord has put inside you!  

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With The Moment of Birth, you have access to Prophetess Donna Hall's personalized life coaching programs, free webinar RHEMAnars, and gatherings that are all designed to help you grow and succeed in spirit, soul, and body. Prophetess believes in the power of learning and that you must also apply what you learn. This is her true key to success. Let Prophetess Donna Hall give you the keys to unlock your potential and achieve your life goals.

Apr 13, 2024, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM CDT
19058 Burnham Ave, Lansing, IL 60438, USA
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Prophetess Donna L. Hall

Prophetess Donna L. Hall is an end-time handmaiden of the Lord who loves God and people.  She is the blessed and satisfied wife of Apostle Jonathan Hall, Sr., her husband of 36 years and her boyfriend of 42 years! They are the grateful parents of one miracle child, a beloved son, Jonathan Jr (wife Candace) who is God's gift of love, grace, and faith in their lives. Prophetess & Apostle are also excitedly blessed new first-time grandparents since Jonathan Jr and his precious wife Candace produced a beautiful little anointed princess, and even named her "Donna," after her prophetess Grammyma! Hallelujah!

Prophetess Donna has walked in the office of a prophet since 1991 when the Lord called and set her to this office in a dream. The Lord has endowed her with prophetic and apostolic mantles tempered with the pastoral gifts of shepherding, teaching, healing, facilitating, and administration. She is an ordained minister and pastors full-time alongside her husband at Kingdombread International Church, which she and her husband founded and now serve as the senior pastors. She has served in ministry with her husband for over 36 years. By God's grace, she has touched and transformed the lives of myriads of girls and women of every race, faith, and culture. Her ministry to women flows not only within the United States of America, but also to the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, India, Africa, and New Zealand.

 She is the founder of U Gro Girl Ministries which was birthed through her divinely inspired concept of establishing "spiritual cafes" powered by her trailblazing kingdom movement called "Helping U Gro Girl (H.U.G.G.)," a five-fold gift discipleship program for girls and women. H.U.G.G. does just what it says by providing personal hugs through apostolic ministry, prophetic mentoring, annual Sistah Word Advance Getaways (S.W.A.G.), monthly Sistah HUGG Cafes, community outreach events, and spiritual life coaching.


Prophetess Donna is the Vice President of Hall Issachar Ministries, Inc., an apostolic para-church ministry that she and her husband founded in 1999 and converted into their present church, Kingdombread International, at the direction of the Lord in 2018.  She is also the founder of The Handmaidens 4 HIM, an inter-generational leader development accountability fellowship for women and girls.

Donna is in demand as a consultant, conference presenter, teacher, church evangelism trainer, psalmist, spiritual life coach, and revivalist. She spends her days mobilizing and empowering girls and women to discover and fulfill their high calling of God in kingdom excellence! She is a self-published author and holds certifications as a Professional Life Coach, Group Life Coach, Book Publisher, and Book Editor. She is a Board Certified Mental Health Coach and sits on various boards giving kingdom oversight and leadership.


Donna's passion is to please the Lord and be used by Him to help girls and women do the same. 

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